Pickled oriental melon


It’s now rainy sesaon in south korea and I miss sunny day .

Btw did you know that you can make pickle with oriental melon??

This was new to me and I trired.

It just tastes like pickled cucumber and crispy 🙂

1< Ingredients >

oriental melon 10kg

soybean sauce, water , vinegar, sugar 1:1:1:0.3 ratio
2Fresh oriental melon!
3Wash well
4Cut each oriental melon in half

and scrape out the seeds from the melons
5Slice into 4 pieces
6Preserve in salt for 4 hours, wash and drain
7Put all sliced melons into a big jar.

Boil soybean sauce, water, vinegar, sugar ( 1:1:1:0.3 ratio) and

pour into the jar after cooling it down.

Let soak for 5 days and boil this water again, cool it down

and pour the jar 3 or 4 times.


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