pretty rice cake

 Today’s last post is rice cake!!

we call this ‘baram tteok’ and it means ‘wind rice cake’ 🙂
< Ingredients >

rice 2kg

boiled sweet pumpkin 2 tablespoons

3 tablespoons sugar

kidney bean 400g

sugar 180g


Firstly, boil kidney bean 400g well.

Put boiled beans in a bowl with water.

 remove peel and crush it.

After that, strain it through a sieve.

We’re going to use only the lees so pour out the water.

ok, mix the lees with sugar 180g and boil it.

And then, cool it down and make small balls like this picture.
Keep rices soaked in water for 5 hours and grind it
Strain the rice powder through a sieve
Put 2/3 of rice powder and 2 tablespoons boiled sweet pumpkin

in a bowl and mix it well.

Mix the last of powder with 1 tablespoon water
Steam for 20 minutes

Remove from heat and let stand, cover, 10 minutes
Knead until dough for 5 minutes while it is hot

(sprinkle a little bit water and sesame oil and it makes easy to knead)
Roll the dough thin and put the bean ball on the top of it
Fold the dough over the ball and cut it
Like this!!
Make flowers with last of dough and put it on each rice cake
Looks better, right?? 🙂


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