Finally, we did ‘김장’ this is making kimchi for a year!!

Every winter, we make kimchi and this is kind of traditional event 🙂
< Ingredients >

30 heads of napa cabbage

coarse salt 10k


water 200cc

dried shrimp 100g

dried anchovy 100g

3 green onions

2 onions

1/2 white radish


red pepper powder 3.6kg

anchovy sauce 4 liter

chillies 1kg

3 asian pears

4 onions

2 white radishes

crushed garlic 2kg

crushed ginger 1kg

2 cups of sesame seed
Making kimchi is really important

since we’re going to eat this for years~

To make best kimchi, we need to buy fresh napa cabbage

I got thses cabbages from farmers market!! 😀
Cut cabbages into half and salt them for 17 hours
Make stock: boil water 200cc, dried shrimp 100g, 2 onions,

dried anchovy 100g, 3 green onions and 1/2 white radish

cool it!
In a big bowl,

put red pepper powder 3.6kg and anchovy sauce 4 liter
grind chillies 1kg, 3 asian pears, 4 onions and 2 white radishes.

put them all with crushed garlic 2kg, crushed ginger 1kg

into the bowl.
Mix well and add 2 cups of sesame seed
wash salted cabbages 4 times in running water

and drain for 18 hours
Rub seasoning on each leaf of cabbage
cover kimchi with outer leaves

and store in refrig ( or kimchi refrig if you have )
Fresh kimchi, boiled pork sliced and oyster..

are all I need!! 😀


6 Replies to “kimchi”

  1. Wow, you made a lot!
    I’m hoping to join a kimchi making class here in London soon,so that I can boost of some home made kimchi myself, but luckily the Korean supermarket sells great Kimchi to tide me over till then…

    1. Is there kimchi making class in london??? That’s cool!!! Home made kimchi tastes really good when it’s ripe!! 🙂 good for you~I used to buy kimchi at korean supermarket when I was in canada and it was pretty good!

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