Spicy Pork Rib Stew

This is for meat lovers!
< Ingredients >

pork rib 1kg

some ripe kimchi

sesame leaves

perilla powder

2 pieces of ginger

 green onion

3 tablespoons soybean paste

a cup of red pepper powder

2 tablespoons crushed garlic

a little bit soy sauce
Soak pork ribs in cold water for 3 hours

Boil over high heat and rinse
Put them into a big pot with green onion, ginger

and 3 tablespoons soybean paste
cook over medium hear for an hour

And then, take out green onion and ginger
Add ripe kimchi(rinse in running water before you put it),

red pepper powder, soy sauce and crushed garlic
cook over low heat for a while
After that, put them into small earthen pot

and add some sesame leaves and perilla powder

Boil for 30 minutes again and enjoy!! 😀


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