kimchi pancake

One more pancake recipe!

I think you may heard of kimchi and already tried this.

Kimchi is well-known as side dish but I’d like to tell you that there are so many kinds of food you can make with kimchi.

This is one of  them 🙂
< Ingredients >

ripe kimchi 300g

some vegetables ( you can put anything you want )

enoki mushroom 120g

1/2 onion

a can of spam

3 cups of flour

an egg

two and a half cups of water
slice ripe kimchi into small pieces
same for some mushroom, onion,
and spam
In a bowl, put all sliced vegetables, kimchi, spam, an egg, flour

and pour water.
Mix well
pan fry in a greased pan!
Thi s is so great in a rainy day!!

Especially with mackgoli!!

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