nude kimbap

Made some nude kimbap!

Do you see difference between normal kimbap and nude kimbap?

Thi one, sea laver is in inside unlike normal kimbap.

Not really hard to make~so try this recipe 🙂
< Ingredients >

2 packs of sprouts

1/2 cucumber

5 crab sticks

10 sheets of sea laver

4 bowls of rice

some salt, sesame oil, sesame seed

*sauce : 3 tablespoons soy sauce & a little bit wasabi
wash sprouts in the running water and drain

chop cucumber, preserve cucumber in salt a little bit , rinse & drain
chop crab stick into 2 pieces of length and stir-fry slightly

same for sea laver, slightly toast laver
In a bowl, pur some rice

and mix it with salt, sesame oil & sesame seed
On a choppong board, put vinyle and spread some sesame oil on it

After that, put laver and spread rice on it
over turn it, and put crab stick, sliced cucumber and sprouts
roll up!
like this!
slice into 10~12 pieces
sprinkle sesame seed on them

and  have this with soy sauce + wasabi!

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