seasoned bean sprout&white radish and soy bean paste stew

simple dinner!

< Ingredients >

1/3 white radish

bean sprouts 300g

some chives

*seasoning: 3 tablespoons red pepper powder

one tablespoon sesame oil

one teaspoon crushed garlic

a littile bit soy sauce & sesame seed

* soy bean paste stew: some soy bean paste

dried anchovy stock

white radish

red pepper powder


green onion


Prepare all ingredients 🙂

In a pot, put a little bit salt and pour water

boil bean sprouts a bit


finely chop chive and julienne radish

In a bowl, put sliced radish and add red pepper powder

mix well

put boiled bean sprouts, sliced chives, sesame oil, sesame seed and soy sauce

mix well!

make soy bean paste stew!! (I think I posted a recipe of thie stew)

In a bowl, put some rice and seasoned white radish&bean sprout

mix it with soy bean paste stew



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