white kimchi

Surprise!!! We have white kimchi!!

If you don’t like spicy kimchi, this would be good substitue for you 🙂

< Ingredients >

salted chinese cabbage 10kgs

1/2 carrot

1/2 white radish

an apple

an asian pear

an onion

some chives & dried sea staghor

a little bit ginger and garlic

* kimchi water: water 1000cc

5 tablespoons glutinous rice powder

3 tablespoons salt

Prepare salted chinese cabbage


mix all ingredients for kimchi water and boil it well

cool it down

Prepare sliced chives, carrot and sea staghor

blend white radish, onion, asian pear, apple, garlic & ginger

using mixer

In the kimchi water, put sliced vegetables & the mixture

mix well

spread it every cabbage leaves

put them into a container and pour kimchi water

leave it 3~4 days outside and then store it in the fridge ❤


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