2016 happy new year!!

Prepared some food for new year!!


< Ingredients >

*ginger cookie: weak flour 250g, ginger powder one teaspoon,

butter 125g, sugar 80g, an egg

*butter ring cookie: weak 200g, sugar 60g, butter 140g, an egg,

a little bit of vanilla powder and salt

*green tea cake : 3 eggs, sugar 70g, weak flour 50g, olive oil 10g,

milk 10g, green tea powder 10g, whipped cream 180g&sugar 20g,

some white chocolate

*roast chicken: a chicken, herbs (rosemari&mint), salt&pepper,

a little bit of olive oil

*vietnamese spring rolls: rice pepper, paprika, bell pepper,

enoki mushroom, bean sprouts, sauce for spring roll

*tuna sandwich: slices of bread, cheese, cucumber, a can of tuna,

mayo, a little bit of chillies

Let’s make ginger cookies first!

In a bowl, put butter, sugar and egg. Mix well.

Strain weak flour & ginger powder through a sieve.

Mix well again and make a dough

sprinkle some flour and roll dough~

force dough through a cookie press

bake for 15 minutes in 180 degree oven


Second one is butter ring cookie~

make a dough using the ingredients

Place dough in a pastry bag

pipe on to baking pan

bake for 15 minutes in 180 degree oven

This is for green tea cake!

Mix sugar with egg white and make meringue.

put egg yolks and mix well.

strain weak flour & green tea powder through a sieve.

mix again and put milk & olive oil.

Mix them well and make a dough.

pour the dough in a pan.

Bake 15 minutes in 170 degree oven.

put the cake,

whipped cream,

and cake on it!

decorate it with choco whipped cream and white chocolate!

sock the chicken in the milk and then, season salt & pepper

put herbs in the chicken and brush the chicken with olive oil

bake in the oven!

looks so good!

Now, vietnamese spring rolls!

you can put any ingredients you like~:)

This is for tuna sandwich!

Mix a can of tuna with sliced chillies and mayo

put cheese, mixture of tuna and cucumber on the slice of bread




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