millefeuille nabe

Today is the last day of 2015!!

Hope all of you had a wonderful 2015

and 2016 will be a more wonderful year 🙂

The first recipe of today is millefeuille nabe~

This is japanese food and pretty good to have in cold winter!

< Ingredients >

sliced beef

chinese cabbage

sesame leaves

enoki mushroom

shiitake mushroom

*stock: dried anchovy



a little bit soy sauce

*seasoning: 6 tablespoons stock

6 tablespoons soy sauce

some lemon juice and corn syrup

a little bit of sliced chillies

Make stock for nabe

put chinse cabbage, sesame leaves & sliced beef repeatedly

slice into 3 pieces

In a pot, put enoki mushroom

and shiitake mushroom in the middle of pot

put layer of vegetable&beef in the pot like this picture

looks pretty!! pour some stock on it


easy and good!!

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