Braised Short Ribs

so delicious ribs!!! 😀

< Ingredients >

pork rib 1.8 kgs

pear 500g

onion 500g

potato 200g

carrot 80g

shiitake mushroom 80g

chillies 10g

ginger 15g

green onion 20g

a little bit sesame seed


17 tablespoons korean soy sauce

3 tablespoons sugar

6 tablespoons cooking wine

2 tablespoons sesame oil

a little bit pepper

*2 cups of stock (shiitake mushroom and kelp)

prepare rib,

and all ingredients

chop into 5~6cm pieces

soak into cold water and leave it for a while

In a pot, put the ribs and slices of ginger

pour water till it covers ribs


slice potato, carrot, pepper, green onion and mushroom

make a seasoning with all ingredients for it

(grind pear and onion)

preserve boild ribs in seasoning for 2 hours

cook it~

pour stock and put chopped carrot & potato

add mushroom & green onion

cook for a while

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