Fried Tofu Rice Balls

beautiful fried tofu rice balls 🙂

< Ingredients >

fried tofu 250g


pickled radish 60g

carrot 60g

cucumber 60g

onion 40g

beef 80g

a little bit sesame seed

*vinegar water:

vinegar 50cc

corn syup 30cc

a little bit stir-fried salt

시판용유부 250g,밥 (쌀2컵분량)

prepare all ingredients

drain fried tofu

finely chop carrot and onion

slightly blanch in salty water

salt finely chopped cucumber a little bit

stir-fry beef in gresed pan with sesame oil

season with salt

finely chop pickled radish

drain all vegetables

make the vinegar water

mix the water with rice

put all prepared ingredients and mix well


put the rice into fried tofu!


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