tofu pudding salad

diet food !

Easy to try 🙂

< Ingredients >

a pack of tofu pudding

some sedum

a chilli

some wild chives


soy sauce 5 tablespoons

red pepper powder 2 tablespoons

sesame oil

sesame seeds

Prepare all ingredients

slice chilli and wild chives

put all ingredients for seasoning,  sliced chilli and wild chives into a bowl

mix well

In a plate, put a pack of tofu pudding, some sedum and add sauce


stir-fried chicken gizzard with vegetables

This is pretty special recipe!

Don’t know if you eat chicken gizzard in your country~

This is so nice and nice to have with beer 🙂

< Ingredients >

chicken gizzard 500g

some coarse salt





crushed garlic 1tablespoon

salt and pepper

sesame seeds

wash chicken gizzard with coarse salt

rinse under cold water and drain

prepare sliced vegetables

In a pot, put chicken gizzard and cook

season with salt and pepper

when they are cooked,

put all sliced vegetables and crushed garlic

mix well and boil for a while

sprinkle some sesame seeds on it


young radish kimchi

Made kimchi with young radish from farm! 🙂

< Ingredients >

a bunch of young radishes

a cup of coarse salt


15 chillies

an onion

crushed garlic 1 tablespoon

crushed ginger 1 tablespoon

*kimchi water

water 500cc

flour 1 tablespoon

a little bit of salt

cute young radishes from farm!

wash them well and cut into 3~4 pieces

mix with coarse salt and leave it for an hour

rinse under cold water well and drain

In a pot, put all ingredients for kimchi water and boil

grind chillies

slice onion

In a pot, put them all and mix well

pour cold kimchi water

store in a container and leave it outside for a day

After a day, put in refrig

summer kimchi!

nice to eat with noodle!:)