Gyun-woo & Jing-nyuh

Went for a walk with Gyun-woo and Jing-nyuh

2 times a day, in the morning and afternoon! 🙂

She loves to go for a walk 🙂

He is still young and legs are short yet

couldn’t run with Jing-nyuh together

He’s so tired now and just stopped walking

Jing-nyuh came back after seeing Gyun-woo stopped walking

She starts to walk with Gyun-woo slowly 🙂

They play with a glove

run to home

but look back

come to Gyun-woo

walk together 🙂

Today’s snack is boiled sweet potato! 🙂

cute Gyun-woo

Pretty Jing-nyuh


snow in the country!

This pictures were taken around January!

first snow!

see my footprints 🙂

snow on the ground

on the roof

on iron pot

also on the jar!

grilled mackerel was dinner for the day!

The weather was pretty cold but we could know spring was coming 🙂

lunar new year’s gift from next door’s old lady

Old lady from next door gave me some gift for lunar new year!

rice, soy sauce and soy bean paste!

she made this with the bean she harvested!! 🙂

I’d like to learn how she made this soy bean paste!

also harvested rice!

Soon I’ll put soy bean paste and red pepper paste in the jars 🙂

Happy day in the country!