pork bulgogi

Usually bulgogi is beef with soy sauce

but this time we made pork bulgogi with red pepper paste sauce!

< Ingredients >

forehock 1000g

 a little bit of oil

an onion

4~5 chillies

a green onion

a carrot


red pepper paste 6 tablespoons

soy sauce 8 tablespoons

red pepper powder 4 tablespoons

cooking wine 4 tablespoons

crushed garlic 2 tablespoons

pepper and corn syrup

prepare forehock

and all vegetables

slice them

In a bowl, put all ingredients for seasoning and mix well

In a bowl, put forehock,

sliced vegetables,

and seasoning

mix well and store in refrig for an hour

stir-fry in greased pan

looks so good!



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