boiled pig skin slices

pig skin slices~you might want to try this! 🙂

< Ingredients >

pig skin 1 kg

salt 1 tablespoon

2 pieces of ginger

pepper corns 1 tablespoon

5 bay leaves

stock 1500cc (2 onions, some radish, chillies)

kudzu juice 1000cc

cooking wine 3 tablespoons

6 chillies

2 eggs

rinse pig skin under cold water

boil it with ginger, pepper corns and bay leaves

on high for 20 minuts

rinse under cold water and drain

slice thinly

In a pot, put chillies, onion, radish

boil well

In a pot, pour the stock

and put sliced pig skin, kudzu juice, cooking wine and salt

boil on high for 30 minutes

prepare sliced chillies, egg white and yolk

pour them into a pan

put sliced egg and chillies on it and cool down for 12 hours

slice them

so good!!


seasoned cabbage lettuce

got fresh cabbage lettuce from neighborhood!

< Ingredients >

cabbage lettuce 100g


soy sauce 1 tablespoon

red pepper powder 1/2 tablespoon

crushed garlic 1 teaspoon

corn syrup 1 tablespoon


sesame seeds

prepare cabbage lettuce

slice the leaves

wash well and drain

In a bowl, put them with all ingredients for seasoning

mix well

fried squid

crispy fried squid!

< Ingredients >

2 squids

a gardenia seed

2 cups of frying flour

one and half cup of water

slice squid

In a bowl, put sliced gardenia seed and pour some water

it turns into yellow

In a bowl, pour the water and put frying flour

mix well

put sliced squid

cover it with dough


crispy!! 😀