hand-pulled dough soup

Today’s first recipe is hand-pulled dough soup! 🙂

< Ingredients >

shepherd’s purse 100g

cockle 300g

a green onion


3 cups of flour

160cc water of gardenia seeds

a little bit of salt


1500cc water

some dried anchovy

2 pieces of dried kelp

soy sauce 2 tablespoons

cut half gardenia seeds, pour water 160cc and leave it for 30 minutes

Take out the seeds and make dough with the water, flour and salt

It’s pretty yellow! 🙂

shepherd’s purse from farm!

Prepare shepherd’s purse, green onion and cockle

slice vegetables

wash cockles with coarse salt and rinse under cold water several times


boil water with dried anchovy and 2 pieces of dried kelp

take out them and season it with soy sauce

put hand-pulled dough

boil well

put cockles and vegetables

cook for a bit!



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