homemade bulgogi pizza

Sometimes I’d like to eat pizza but no place you can get pizza in country

so, made this bulgogi pizza!

< Ingredients >

beef 200g

one king oyster mushroom

1/2 onion

3 chillies

salt and pepper

spaghetti sauce

* dough

strong flour 100g

water 60ml

yeast 3g

Sift the flour and put ingredients for dough

make a dough

Put in container and store for 3~4 hours

Dough is ready!

Prepare all ingredients

mince beef, chillies, onion, mushroom

In a pan, stir fry beef with salt and pepper

In a greased pan, stir fry mushroom, onion and chillies over low heat

Put spaghetti sauce and mix well

Roll out the dough

Place in pizza pan

Put vegetables, pizza cheese and beef

Cover it with dough and put some spaghetti sauce on it

Bake in 200 degree oven for 20~30 minutes

Put butter paper on it to prevent burning



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