Potato salad

Made potato salad with potatoes that we harvested! 🙂

< Ingredients >

7 potatoes (medium size)

1/2 carrot

1/2 onion

1/2 cucumber

3 eggs

7 tablespoons mayo

sugar and salt

Prepared potatoes, carrot, onion, cucumber and boiled eggs

Chop potatoes in several pieces and boil in water (add salt a little bit)

When they’re cooked, drain

slice cucumber finely and salt for a bit

rinse under running water

slice onion and carrot finely

and slight blanch in boiling water ( add salt a little bit)

drain all vegetables

separate the yolk from boiled eggs

sift them

In a bowl, put potatoes and egg white

mash well

Put all vegetables,

mayo, some sugar and salt

mix well

make small balls with it and put in plate

sprinkle the yolk powder


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