small farm in the house

Wanna introduce my mother’s small farm in the house 🙂

Nothing was here at first

but she plated some vegetables




swiss chard


Hope they grow well 🙂

shiitake mushroom

We grow shiitake mushroom!

could get some oak in the mountain

ordered mushroom seeds

looks like capsule!

so amazing!

need drill!

make holes in the tree with drill

put mushroom seeds in it

It will take a year but I’m already excited 🙂


pasque flower

found pasque flower in the mountain near my house!

I don’t know why but this was my favorite flower when I was young

Now I think this flower looks a little bit sad

This called grandmother flower in korea because it looks like grandmother’s white hair

There’s a story about this flower

A grandmother died in front of granddaughter’s house

and she became this flower