areca palm

My friend visited country and he brought areca palm as gift!

My mother really likes this tree!

As I heard, this tree is good for purifying  air

also, intercept electromagnetic wave

Nice to have this 🙂

plum blossom :)

plum blossom in my house 🙂

A few days ago, took this picture

no flowers yet

But finally, flowers 😀

Gyun-woo & Jing-nyuh

With Gyun-woo and Jin-nyuh, went for a walk

They look happy 🙂

My father is trying to get kudzu root

Jing-nyuh runs 😀

play in the mud

came back home!

kudzu root!

boil some water

shower time!

back to white Jing-nyuh

Washed Gyun-woo,too!


Now they are hungry and have some dried anchovy which is their favorite snack 🙂

He has so pretty eyes 🙂

lovely puppies ^^