cold noodle with pea

< Ingredients >

2 cups of pea

3 cups of water

a little bit of salt

some almonds



cute pea from farm 🙂

wash them in running water

boil them

prepare almonds, paprika and cucumber
mix boiled pea, almonds and some water in blender

season with salt and stor in refrig
slice cucumber and paprika

boil noodle, rinse under cold water and drain

put the noodle and vegetables into a bowl

pour the cold pea water


stir-fried onion

another recipe of onion 🙂

< Ingredients >

an onion

a king oyster mushroom

1/3 carrot

crusehd garlic 1 tablespoon

coconut oil 2 tablespoons

salt and sesame seeds

you can use any vegetables in your refrig
slice onion, mushroom and carrot

In a pan, put a little bit of coconut oil

and stir fry crushed garlic over low heat

put all vegetables and cook

when they’re cook,

season with salt and sprinkle sesame seeds

onion pancake

sweet onion pancake 🙂


small onions from next farm



< Ingredients >

2 onions



2 cups of flour

2 cups of water

 an egg

a little bit of salt


soy sauce 3 tablespoons

red pepper powder

slice onions with slicer

In a bowl, put flour, water, egg and salt
mix well and add sliced onion


mix well again

In greased pan, pour them and spread thinly


cook both sides well


have it with sauce 😉