about Sewol ferry in south korea…

This is insane.

A report bereau chief of KBS(korean broadcasting system) said 

the death toll of the ferry accident is not really many

compared to the number of deaths in traffic accidents.

He said the number looks high because they died at a time.

The families of the deceased were so pissed off

and went to KBS main building to meet the CEO and get apologies.

But police was cordoning of entrance to the building before they arrived.

They were sitting on the street carrying pictures of their deceased family from 9pm to 2:30am next day.

No one has listened and cared about them.

So they have decided to go to the korean presidential residence for requiring discovery of truth.

Guess what!

More than 1000 polices blocked off all alleys to the presidential house.

It’s 2:16pm now and the family are sitting in the street by now.

The ferry went down utterly around 10:30am on April 16th

and the family released videos recorded by students in the ferrey at 6:28pm the day.

They were alive crying and praying cold underwater but government didn’t do anything to save them.

This is so cruel and irresponsible.

Over 300 citizens massed with the family and some brought food and drinks at their own money.

All they wanted is a sincere apology and promise that government is going to make a thorough investigation.

Is it that hard??

I feel anger and sad as a korean citizen.




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