grilled eel

< Ingredients >

eel 1kg


red pepper paste 3 tablespoons

soy sauce 4 tablespoons

cooking wine 3 tablespoons

crushed garlic 2 tablespoons

crushed ginger 1 tablespoon

sugar 3 tablespoons

a little bit of pepper

fresh eel!

wash well under running water and drain

In a bowl, put all ingredients for seasoning and mix well

grill eel!

cook both sides well

cover with seasoning well

grill both sides again


Grilled Scallops

< Ingredients >

scallop 1kg


3 chillies

1/2 onion


wash scallops well and soak them in water for 2~3 hours

put in a pot
steam for 10 minutes
cool them down
remove the other side of shell

finely chop chillies and onion

In a pan, put a little bit of butter

stir fry chillies and onion

On scallops, put stir-fried vegetables and cheese

In a pan, put all and pour 1/3 cup of water

cook over low heat

yum! 🙂

white radish wrap with chicken

< Ingredients >

2 pieces of chicken breast

1/2 white radish




* when boil chicken breast

water 500cc

cooking wine 2 tablespoons

3 bay leaves

some pepper corns

* white radish water

water 2 : sugar 1 : vinegar 1 : salt 1 (ratio)

* sauce

mustard 3 tablespoons

lemon juice 1 tablespoon

crushed garlic 1 tablespoon

corn syrup 5 tablespoons

vinegar 4 tablespoons

peel white radish and slice as 0.1mm using slicer

boil water and cool it down

put sugar, vinegar and salt

mix well

In a jar, put sliced white radish and pour white radish water

leave it for a day and store in refrig

In a pot, boil chicken breast with bay leaves, cooking wine and pepper corn

when it’s cook, drain
mix all ingredients for sauce

Prepare sliced chicken breast, cucumber and paprika

slightly blanch chives in boiling salty water, rinse under cold water and drain

On a slice of white radish ,

put chicken breast and vegetables

make a wrap and tie with chives

have it with mustard sauce!